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Philadelphia 76ers have plan to address Ben Simmons’ shooting woes, Doc Rivers says

The idea that 76ers guard Ben Simmons will spend the offseason improving his shooting stroke has become an annual discussion in Philadelphia. Buy 25 Simmons NBA Jerseys,

That certainly will be the case again this offseason, after Simmons melted down at the foul line — and disappeared from Philadelphia’s offense — as the 76ers collapsed and bowed out of the playoffs, losing in seven games to the Atlanta Hawks Buy Philadelphia 76ers NBA Jerseys, .

But not 24 hours after his team’s season was over, 76ers coach Doc Rivers said Monday that he believes this summer will be different for Simmon Wholesale NBA Nike Jerseys, s. Why? Because, according to Rivers, not only is Simmons willing to do the work but the Sixers also have a plan to address his shooting woes that will involve doing “the right work” and doing it “the right w Discount NBA authentic jerseys, ay.”

“I believe, without going into detail with what we’re doing, I believe we know what the right work is, and the right type of work, and the right way to do it,” Rivers said when asked why this offseason will be different as far as Simmons’ shooting goes. “You can do the work all the time, but if it’s not done in the right way and the right type of work, you may not improve.

“After being here for a year, I really do believe we’ve identified what and how, and now we have to do the do part. We have to work to do it. It’s not going to be an easy job. But it’s definitely a job that Ben can do.”

The coach tried to backtrack a bit Monday, repeatedly saying he believes in Simmons and has confidence he can make the necessary improvements to help the Sixers shake off the devastating disappointment that was losing this series after finishing the regular season with the best record in the Eastern Conference.

“I am positive in Ben,” Rivers said. “I’m very bullish on Ben still. But there’s work. There’s work. There is. And Ben will be willing to do it. Sometimes you have to go through stuff to see it, and be honest with it.

“Obviously what Ben just went through … I can’t imagine that. Because he has so much greatness in all the things around him that he does, and there’s areas he can fix quickly, in my opinion, and get better, that will take him to another level. And you know, sometimes you don’t know why you’re in different places, you know what I mean? But this may be one of them, and I look at this as a great challenge but definitely a doable one.”

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