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2021 MLB playoffs: A tense NLDS Game 5 was a fitting end to this Giants-Dodgers series

It was a tense, constricted affair, won by the Dodgers, 2-1, in the final inning. Buy 25 Bonds MLB Jerseys, There were countless moments when it became clear what it sounds like when more than 40,000 people hold their breath simultaneously Buy San Francisco Giants MLB Jerseys, .

These two teams played 24 times this season, and each team won 1 Wholesale MLB Jerseys Free Shipping, 2. The final game, fittingly, was tight and edgy and filled with notes in the margi Buy MLB Jerseys China, ns.

Even over the course of just five games, themes emerged. Giants starter Logan Webb, his chin all right angles and his gait covering as much ground side-to-side as forward, was obstinate once again. He threw seven innings of one-run, four-hit, seven-strikeout baseball to finish his two NLDS starts with 14 2/3 innings, one run and 17 strikeouts. He emerged as the kind of big-game pitcher who wants the ball and is not interested in giving it up. His work took on a metronomic precision: He would finish an inning like he was renting the mound by the minute and strut his way back to the dugout, giving manager Gabe Kapler a no-look fist bump without breaking stride.

“At every stage, you’re asking yourself, ‘Is Logan Webb the best option to get the next three hitters out?'” Kapler said. “And every inning that we sent him out there, we felt like, ‘Yes, yes and yes.'” When the Dodgers looked for his slider low and away, Webb gave them a 94 mph sinker that ran in on right-handed hitters. When they looked for the sinker, he gave them a changeup that got within four feet of the plate before ducking under bats. If pitches had personalities, Webb’s slider would be loud and brash, and his changeup would be the sneaky kid who always gets everyone else in trouble.

Men San Francisco Giants 25 Bonds Orange Game Nike 2021 MLB Jersey

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