Best of ‘Hard Knocks’: The human element of the Browns’ final cuts

The bulk of the show dealt with four players fighting for a job: Defensive linemen Nate Orchard and Carl Nassib, tight end Devon Cajuste and quarterback Brogan Roback. The stories humanized all the players, showing Orchard with his two young children, Roback with his girlfriend and Cajuste with his father.

Orchard actually got some instruction at one point from second-year end Myles Garrett, who marveled upon discovering that Orchard had different stances for run plays and pass plays.

“You ever try just having the same stance for both?” Garrett said.

“I haven’t,” Orchard said. “I should try it though.”8

When Orchard admitted it might take him a little longer if he had a run stance for a pass play, Garrett opined he only had 2½ seconds to get to the quarterback.stitched nfl jerseys cheap

Cajuste’s heartwarming story of the close bond with his father was central to the story. Gregory Cajuste could not make the trip to Detroit for the team’s final preseason game because of his heart issues. But he watched intently on TV.

Cajuste got off to a good start against the Lions, but late in the first half he rolled both of his ankles. It had to affect him, as he did not finish as strong as he started.

The impact of making the team or getting cut was evident, as Gregory Cajuste lived and died with each play. Likewise, Roback’s girlfriend, Ally Goff, wept at the sight of his touchdown pass.

Orchard did not make the team despite returning an interception for a touchdown in the preseason finale. Roback had an impressive scoring strike, but he also was released in the first wave of cuts. Nassib forced a fumble and made the initial cut, but when the Browns picked up another player at his position on waivers, he was released. Cajuste was released in the final cuts.

Players handled their release with class. All said they would stick with it and continue to pursue their dream of playing in the NFL.

When Mayfield told Cajuste on their way to the field in Detroit with Haley to “treat the ball like one of your rocks,” Haley chimed in with: “Block like you’re blocking for one of your rocks.”

During the game, Haley paced the sidelines and said: “Pray to the rock gods.”cheap authentic stitched nfl jerseys

It was good, but not as good as Haley earlier in the series telling Zane Gonzalez after a field goal: “Nice job, you f—ing kicker.”