Bill Belichick Was the Leader Against Proposed ‘Josh McDaniels Rule’

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was reportedly the leading voice against a nfl jerseys china so-called Josh McDaniels rule, which would have allowed teams to hire coaches while the incumbent team’s season was still ongoing.

A source told Peter King of The MMQB:

“Bill said, ‘We work hard to get to the playoffs. We tell our fans we’re doing everything possible to win the biggest games of the year, and we do everything to eliminate distractions. And then, in the middle of that, we announce one of our coaches is now the new coach of another team? And he’s going to coach for us until the end of the year?’

“Bill also made a very good point about being employed by two teams at once. ‘If you’ve been hired by one team, you’re continuing to coach your original team, and you talk to some of the assistant coaches you work with about joining your staff—shouldn’t that be tampering?'”

McDaniels had a verbal agreement to become the Indianapolis Colts’ next head coach in January. However, he backed out of the deal a day before he was scheduled to be introduced at a press conference, choosing to stay with the Patriots.

The rule would have allowed a coach to reach a formal agreement with another team and then continue as an assistant for the duration of his old team’s playoff run. King said the Colts would not have supported this rule had it gone to a vote.

From a practical standpoint, there’s not much sense in putting the rule in wholesale jerseys  McDaniels’ decision was an anomaly, and the current system essentially amounts to a legal tampering period.

McDaniels and new Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia had agreements in place well ahead of Super Bowl LII, and everyone knew it. It was just a matter of what they were allowed to discuss publicly.