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Sean McVay’s quest for playcalling perfection

Sean McVay is critical of himself. But that’s what he believes a good head coach and playcaller should be.

Accountability is everything for the Los Angeles Rams, the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL. And it starts with McVay.

“The cold didn’t really dictate the play selection,” McVay said after the Rams held off the Broncos 23-20 last Sunday in bone-chilling Denver temperatures. “If anything, the cold might have just affected my brain with some of the decisions I made.”nfl nike jersey cheap

The critique seemed harsh, if not unwarranted. The Rams, after all, had just won their sixth consecutive game — their second straight on the road, and Todd Gurley rushed for a career-high 208 yards.

“I don’t want to be some Negative Nelly,” said McVay, brazenly aware of his harsh self-evaluation. But the reality is, the second-year coach points out what he must improve, knowing his team has the potential to go as far as he can lead them — and yes, that is a Super Bowl.8

The Rams feature the top-ranked offense in the NFL, Gurley leads the league in rushing yards and Jared Goff is fourth in passing yards.

But even as the Rams average 464.3 yards and 32.7 points per game, McVay sees plenty of areas for growth, beginning with him as the nfl nike jersey

“One of the things that I’m not afraid to admit is that this is only the fourth year that I’ve done it,” the 32-year-old McVay said. “By no means do I have all the answers or the solutions.”

Goff, who has passed for 1,928 yards and 12 touchdowns with five interceptions this season, said McVay can be too hard on himself.

“He does a great job with us,” Goff said. “And he holds himself to a high standard.”

In the immediate aftermath of each of the Rams’ victories, McVay is quick to credit players, while often chastising himself, stating that he could have put his team in better situations.

“That’s what we love about him,” Gurley said. “He is just a great coach no matter if it is our fault. He is always taking the blame and he says he can do a better job.”

Drew Brees passes Peyton Manning as NFL’s all-time passing leader

Drew Brees became the NFL’s all-time passing leader on Monday night, and he did it in spectacular fashion.

Brees broke Peyton Manning’s record of 71,940 career passing yards with a 62-yard touchdown pass to rookie receiver Tre’Quan Smith in the second quarter of a 43-19 rout over the Washington nfl jerseys cheap

Better yet, the New Orleans Saints’ 39-year-old quarterback had one of the best performances of his 18-year career, completing 26 of 29 passes for 363 yards and three touchdowns. His completion percentage of 89.7 was a career best. And he did it in front of both the home crowd in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and a Monday Night Football audience.9

“It played out even greater than I ever could’ve imagined,” said Brees, who added he had tried to rehearse the moment in his mind during the week — but still got caught up in the emotion when the NFL stopped the game as planned to recognize his achievement. Brees hugged teammates on the field and pointed and blew kisses to the fans. Then he handed the ball to Pro Football Hall of Fame president David Baker on the sideline and shared hugs and kisses with his wife, Brittany, his four children and coach Sean Payton, among nfl jerseys for cheap

“There’s so many people that are responsible and had a hand in that,” Brees told ESPN’s Lisa Salters after the game when asked what the record means to him. “The two people that are most responsible for my football career, early on, my mom and my grandpa, are up in heaven.

“There were a lot of people I wanted to prove right tonight, but none more so than them. I know they are watching down on me.”

Brees, who was mic’d up for the game, was captured on the sideline telling his kids right after the play, “You can accomplish anything in life you’re willing to work for, right?”

Heat pushing Wolves to accept revised offer for Jimmy Butler

Minnesota’s preferences in a Miami deal have included center Bam Adebayo, guard Josh Richardson and a protected 2019 first-round pick, league sources said. A trade could take on a larger construction to include more players, league sources said.

In any Butler deal, Minnesota has wanted to unload center Gorgui Dieng and the $48 million left on his nfl jerseys cheap china

Timberwolves executives told other interested teams in the past 24 hours that they didn’t have any offers that met the franchise’s criteria to honor Butler’s trade request and planned to hold on to him until a deal met their requirements, league sources said. Miami is one of the preferred destinations of Butler’s, league sources said. He has told the Wolves that he’ll leave the team in July free agency, and has expressed interest in several teams with max salary space, including the LA Clippers, Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks.6

Houston has also been aggressive in attempting to trade for Butler, sources said. Like Miami, Houston doesn’t have the salary-cap space to sign Butler in the summer and needs to acquire him now to obtain his Bird rights to retain him on a new deal in July.

When the Timberwolves return from a West Coast preseason road trip early Thursday morning, president of basketball operations and coach Tom Thibodeau is expected to push for Butler to return to practice and start preparations for the regular season, league sources said.

Butler could return as soon as next week, but hasn’t made a decision and is still rehabbing his surgically repaired right wrist, league sources said.china nike nfl jerseys cheap

Butler, 29, has expressed no intentions of missing regular-season games if he’s healthy to play, league sources said.

So far, Minnesota has allowed Butler to stay away in the preseason; presumably as the team works to find a trade for him. As the Wolves traveled, Butler has been working out at the team’s facility and has been in regular contact with teammates.

Jason Collins looks to future as Lakers celebrate their first Pride Night

As he proudly celebrated the Los Angeles Lakers’ first Pride Night when he was honored by the organization Thursday, Collins said he has been in contact with and supports other athletes who have yet to come out.

“Definitely hoped that there would be more players who would step up because I know I’m not alone,” Collins said before the Lakers played the Kings at Staples Center in a preseason game. “I’m in contact with some people who are in professional sports in the big four and aren’t ready to publicly come forward yet. My job with the NBA now is to try to create an environment that makes them feel comfortable to step forward and also to tell our allies that we need them to step forward as well.”cheap nfl jerseys china nike

Collins, who is a Global Ambassador and diversity advocate for the NBA, returned to the site where he played his first game as an openly gay male athlete after he signed a 10-day contract with the Brooklyn Nets and faced the Lakers on Feb. 23, 2014.

Minnesota United FC midfielder Collin Martin is currently the only openly gay professional male athlete in North America after he became the second openly gay player in Major League Soccer history, following Robbie Rogers of the LA Galaxy.5

Collins praised the NBA as “the best overall with regards to being an ally” as the Lakers hosted members and supporters from the LGBTQ community and celebrated diversity, inclusion and unity. Lakers CEO Jeanie Buss showed her support by wearing a Lakers Pride Night shirt and also dyeing her hair.

Collins, though, hopes gay male athletes can come forward and receive the same reaction that many WNBA players have.

“To have it like in the WNBA, where a player like a Sue Bird can step forward, and everyone is like, ‘Great, go win that championship,'” Collins said. “And that’s exactly what she just did. Or what happened with Elena Delle Donne right before the Rio Olympics, same type thing and everyone’s like, ‘Great, nike nfl jerseys cheap china now go win a gold medal.’

“So when we’re at that day with male athletes who choose to step forward and share their true self with the world, it’s like, ‘Great, now go win a championship.’ And so we have some work to do, because throughout male professional sports, at least in North America in the top five leagues, we only have one currently out male player, and that’s in the MLS.”

What makes Steelers-Ravens special? Close calls and ‘car wrecks’

When safety Eric Weddle played for the then-San Diego Chargers, he would look at the calendar for the nationally televised Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers game and circle it.

“That’s the game everyone watches because of the competitiveness, the fight and the passion between the two teams,” said Weddle, who is set to start in his fifth Ravens-Steelers game on Sunday night. “It’s just one of the best games to play in.”

The faces of the NFL’s most heated rivalry have changed from Ray Lewis and Hines Ward to Terrell Suggs and Ben Roethlisberger.

But what made this divisional feud so good a decade ago — the physical hits, dramatic finishes and big-game ramifications — still exists nfl jerseys china nike

Asked if it’s fun to play in this rivalry, Roethlisberger answered, “Yes and no.”6

The Steelers quarterback has enjoyed competing against the likes of Lewis, Suggs and Ed Reed but … “you feel like you’ve been in about five or six car wrecks.”

Why this has been a must-watch game is because the lifeblood of this rivalry has been bad nfl jerseys cheap china

In 2002, Ravens cornerback James Trapp stomped cleats-first on Plaxico Burress. A year later, Steelers linebacker Joey Porter ran out to the Ravens’ buses after a game to pick a fight with Lewis.

Over the past decade, Roethlisberger has had his nose broken by Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, and Lewis ended Pittsburgh running back Rashard Mendenhall’s season by breaking a shoulder.

When Big Ben leaves, the party begins in Steelers locker room

That the needle dropped when the quarterback departed was no coincidence.

“You’ve got to respect what he wants,” Darrius Heyward-Bey said. “He’s not here, it’s party time.”

There’s an unwritten rule in the Steelers locker room that Roethlisberger works to protect — no blaring loud music during core business nike nfl jerseys wholesale

Players cultivate a casual, laugh-heavy atmosphere each day, but from 8 a.m. until post-practice showers between 3 and 4 p.m., musical silence is black and golden.5

Roethlisberger says the Steelers’ setup has been this way since he arrived in 2004 and veterans such as Alan Faneca and Brett Keisel kept the speakers off.

Now, at 36, Roethlisberger is upholding the tradition, though he’s not trying to be the get-off-my-lawn dad.

“That’s one of the reasons they invented headphones, so you can listen to your music,” said Roethlisberger with a laugh. “If you want to listen to music, that’s no problem, we just don’t want to have to hear it at other people’s lockers. It’s just kind of always been that tradition and we try to keep it going.”cheap nfl jerseys china nike

Roethlisberger occasionally enforces the rule with teammates, either in person or via his long-distance connection.

“Usually I’ll send AB [Antonio Brown] a text on the other side of the locker room,” Roethlisberger said. “I’ll be like, ‘AB, music.’ He’ll look down and say, my bad. It’s pretty funny. We have fun with it. He’ll say like, it’s Vinny [Williams] or somebody else. It’s usually done in fun. It’s not really serious. But I try to keep that tradition alive.”

Players don’t need Roethlisberger to formally address the team about the music, Heyward-Bey said. The rules are understood, and players get a feeling about how things should be.

The Dolphins-Mike Martz special: Inside trick play made Miami 3-0

Adam Gase had a secretive smirk on his face as he watched Albert Wilson line up everywhere on the practice field. It was coming, but nobody knew exactly when. The Oakland Raiders had no idea.

Wilson had played running back, receiver, wildcat QB and took reverses in his first two games as a Dolphin. But Gase knew he’d eventually let his do-it-all weapon pass the rock soon. Real soon.

The time came with 7 minutes, 32 seconds left in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against the Raiders. cheap official nike nfl jerseys The Miami Dolphins were just two yards shy of midfield, down 17-14, with a first-and-10.

Ryan Tannehill took the snap under center and faked a toss to the right to receiver Jakeem Grant, who was lined up in the backfield. Tannehill then turned to handed the ball off to Gore, who was lined up as an H-back on the right side. Gore smoothly handed it off to Wilson, who was in motion from his flanker position on the left side.12

Wilson sold it well, looking if he was going to run it on the reverse, which gave Raiders linebacker Marquel Lee happy feet trying to figure out what was happening. Wilson quickly got in throwing motion and delivered a pass 25 yards in the air to Grant on a wheel route.

Grant made an open-field move to make Raiders safety Marcus Gilchrist miss around the 15-yard line. It was a key portion of the play because it led to the TD, and because Grant didn’t want to be $100 lighter in his wallet. Grant and Wilson have a $100 fine with each other if they are tackled in the open field.

The team embraced in the end zone and on the sideline after the successful trick play. It gave the Dolphins a 21-17 lead, their first of the game, and led to a 28-20 win. Miami is now 3-0 and sports a two-game AFC East lead as it heads to New England on Sunday.

The play had some elements of the Philly Special, a play the Philadelphia Eagles ran at the end of the first half of their Super Bowl LII victory. The Dolphins wouldn’t reveal the play’s name, but it isn’t original. We’ll just call it the Dolphins-Mike Martz special.

“It was just straight thievery. I mean we stole it. It’s an old Martz play,” Gase said. “It’s just nobody watches his old stuff. They might now.”nfl nike jerseys cheap china

Martz, who coached the Rams’ “Greatest Show on Turf” teams and currently is the head coach of Alliance San Diego, visited Gase for a week at the end of training camp. Gase considers Martz the most influential mentor he’s learned from his coaching career. The two specifically discussed how to expand the packages of Wilson and Grant, two of their fastest and most versatile playmakers.

Jimbo Fisher and the never-ending quest to catch Nick Saban

Before the start of fall camp last month, Nick Saban gathered everyone inside Alabama’s team auditorium to lay out his vision for the next 30 days. The 66-year-old head coach told his players about how difficult the training would be, how they’d have to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, how they needed to realize “we’ve kind of raised the standard in college football.”

It was a message meant to challenge a team coming off a national championship, china nike nfl jerseys cheap a team hoping to avoid complacency while also wearing the burden of a preseason No. 1 ranking. In other words: You set the bar, so you’d better find a way to get over it.

Nine months earlier, Jimbo Fisher stood in front of reporters, university staffers and hundreds of alumni inside the “Hall of Champions” at Kyle Field as he was introduced as the new head coach at Texas A&M. Donning a maroon blazer and tie, Fisher — a onetime offensive coordinator for Saban at LSU — went into detail about why he left Florida State and how soon he hopes to take the Aggies from being a good college football program to an elite one.6

“Yesterday,” he said with a laugh.

“Listen, I’m not a very patient guy. Now, in saying that, we have a process. And you’re going to hear me say this word a hundred times: It’s not about the outcome, it’s about the process. If the process of how you do your business and what you’re doing is right, the outcomes will be there.”cheap nfl nike jerseys from china

Sound familiar? It certainly does to Saban, who coined the term “The Process” back when he was coaching at Michigan State — before he won a combined six national championships at LSU and Alabama and became the gold standard of college football coaches everywhere.

Now, as Saban told his players at Alabama, people were trying to “figure out what we do” by hiring his former assistants. Four of his protégés are currently head coaches in the SEC alone.

“They’re trying to catch us,” Saban said. “They’re trying to get what we got. And we’ve got to do it better.”

Maryland regents complete Jordan McNair investigation but haven’t told family

The University System of Maryland Board of Regents on Friday will announce the findings of an investigation into the death of Maryland offensive lineman Jordan nfl jerseys cheap china

However, it has not told McNair’s parents about the status of the report nor given them a chance to redact any private health information, according to a letter sent Thursday from the family attorney to board chairman James T. Brady.

The USM board will hold its regularly scheduled meeting at 9 a.m. ET on Friday at Towson University and will enter a closed session during which members will be briefed by Rod Walters, a nationally recognized sports medicine consultant. Maryland hired Walters to determine whether the football staff followed proper protocol on May 29, when the 19-year-old McNair suffered heatstroke at a workout. He died two weeks later, on June 13, from heatstroke.

The law firm Murphy, Falcon & Murphy wrote in a letter, obtained by ESPN, that McNair’s parents didn’t know the report would be released Friday until learning about it through the media.5

“Jordan’s parents do not want to learn the details about what happened to their son by watching television tomorrow and seeing a press conference,” wrote Hassan Murphy, a managing partner at the law firm.

Murphy pointed out in the letter that “the family has the right to review the report and insist on redaction of any material that would violate Jordan’s privacy rights or violate federal state health privacy laws.”china nike nfl jerseys cheap

Murphy requested the report be given to the attorneys and the family before it is released to the public and cautioned any premature release could “subject the university and those responsible for the such release to serious civil and criminal liability.”

Later Thursday, USM issued a statement saying it does plan to share the findings with the McNair family, but it did not specify when.

“The University System of Maryland Board of Regents is committed to finding the facts related to the circumstances of Jordan McNair’s tragic death,” the statement read. “As part of that effort, the board assumed control of an investigation being undertaken by Dr. Rod Walters. Dr. Walters is expect to brief the board on his findings Friday afternoon. The board has neither received the report nor learned of its contents.

Sheldon Richardson’s prove-it season with Vikings off to fast start

When the Minnesota Vikings decided to prioritize the 3-technique tackle position this offseason, they sought to find a player who can torment the quarterback following that trajectory as efficaciously as their superstar defensive nfl jerseys china nike

What Minnesota got with Sheldon Richardson came in the form of a 295-pound wrecking ball capable of knocking the passer off his spot and providing the defensive line with the interior push needed to constantly disrupt the QB’s rhythm.

Richardson’s signing flew under the radar in free agency because of the record-setting contract Kirk Cousins inked in Minnesota just 24 hours before the former Jets and Seahawks defensive tackle became a Viking. They got a high-end upgrade at a critical position on the NFL’s No. 1 defense at a steal of a deal — one year, $8 million. It’s a prove-it contract as he attempts to reset his market value and get back to his 2014 Pro Bowl form.6

The Vikings saw the beginnings of their return on investment against San Francisco in Week 1. Richardson’s stat line from his Minnesota debut read: 0.5 sacks, three QB hits, two run stops and a total of seven pressures, which was the most among all defensive tackles, according to Pro Football Focus.

After a quiet preseason, the former Defensive Rookie of the Year showed the Vikings why they went out to get him in the first place; that he’s exactly what they needed at the 3-technique position on a defense primed to lead Minnesota to the Super Bowl

Sitting outside on a concrete ledge adjacent to the Vikings practice fields, Richardson thinks back on the makings of his explosive debut. He hasn’t taken over a game like that in nfl jerseys cheap china

Not since, he recalls, he played the Vikings during his second season in 2014, when he racked up three sacks, four quarterback hits and three tackles for loss in the Jets’ 30-24 overtime loss.

Whether knifing his way into the backfield to stuff the run or chasing down Jimmy Garoppolo to inhibit an open-field scramble, Richardson is a big man who can move like a defensive end with loose hips, explosive power and quick twitch. A crown jewel on a star-studded defensive line, Richardson’s skill set makes him every bit the unicorn coaches are in search of year after year.