CB Patrick Peterson heaps praise on Cardinals’ Sam Bradford, Josh Rosen

Seven-time Pro Bowl cornerback Patrick Peterson knows a good quarterback when he sees one. He saw two during the Arizona Cardinals’ offseason practices.

Peterson told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday that he believes Sam Bradford will “for sure” be Arizona’s starter “as long as it’s in the good Lord’s will that he can be healthy for us and being able to stay upright in the pocket.nfl nike jerseys for cheap

Although Peterson thinks Bradford is the Cardinals’ starting quarterback, he didn’t hold back from heaping a mound of praise on first-round pick Josh Rosen. He said Rosen “blew my mind” during the first week of practice because of his football IQ and advanced skill set.24

“Just to see him run hurry-up offense, to see him make all different checks, to see him put guys in position, I was completely stunned when I saw it,” Peterson said. “I was like, ‘This guy’s only been here a week, and he’s already doing what? We’re already running two-minute offense now?’

“I was very, very impressed with that, and he’s definitely the future of our franchise.”nike nfl jerseys wholesale cheap

Peterson said he texted general manager Steve Keim right after the Cardinals traded up from 15th to 10th to draft Rosen in April. Peterson said he has watched the organization try to draft a quarterback since he was drafted in 2011.

“I believe we finally found us one,” Peterson said. “Hopefully, he can stay healthy, he can have that same determination, that same competitive edge that he had when he was at UCLA to help us get over the top as well.”