Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish can guess your blood type

It might be the strangest party trick anyone’s ever heard of, but for those who know the Cubs right-hander, it’s just another quirky aspect of his ever-emerging personality. Blood types are more commonly talked about in Japanese culture but even with that knowledge, Darvish isn’t exactly sure how he came about this unique ability. It’s just something he can nike nfl jerseys china

“It’s what I might use in casual conversation,” Darvish explained recently at Cubs camp. “Like [catcher] Victor Caratini might walk by and we’ll carry on the conversation.” And from that conversation, Darvish can guess his blood type. He explains:

“So there is Type A. That person is organized. Type B isn’t exactly selfish but he goes his own way. Type O is laid back, a ‘whatever happens’ type of guy. AB is weird or different.”5

But was he right? That’s the one problem with this party trick. Who actually knows their own blood type?

In Japan, it’s common, but only a couple of Cubs players actually knew theirs and the information is not kept in their regular medical charts. When a few teammates heard Darvish could guess blood types, they went scrambling to find out their own.

“I almost gave my mother a heart attack,” first baseman Anthony Rizzo said with a nike nfl jerseys cheap

Rizzo called his mom to find out but without any explanation, she got worried. Alas, no transfusions were needed for her son, but she didn’t know his blood type. Neither did Kris Bryant’s mom or dad. However, Darvish’s agent, Joel Wolfe, did know his — which Darvish guessed correctly.

“It all started during his free-agent year [2018], when we were meeting with teams,” Wolfe explained. “We were at one of his favorite spots in Dallas for dinner, after meeting with all these general managers and assistant general managers. All these new people for him. And he mentions something about one of them being Type A blood type. That struck me as odd. He says unusual things, sometimes, so I pressed him. And he said he could guess most people’s blood type if he knows them. So he guessed mine. I had to call my mom, but he got it right.