Man Utd-loving, Liverpool-hating mascot battles coronavirus in Singapore

A Liverpool-hating, Manchester United-loving superhero has joined Singapore’s efforts to fight the coronavirus as part of a five-strong team called the “Virus Vanguard.”

The team are part of a public awareness campaign created to reinforce how the authorities want the public to behave during the period of lockdown, which is known as “circuit breaking” in Singapore. Each hero has special abilities which include helping people to stay home, keeping things clean, not to spreading rumours and to look after each other’s mental nfl nike jersey

MAWA man’s speciality is ensuring that people keep their distance from each other.7

Growing up in the 80s supporting Manchester United and taunted by two Liverpool-supporting brothers, made him, according to the government’s official website, “despise everything Liverpool including their motto You’ll Never Walk Alone. His hatred for Liverpool so far exceeds his love for Man Utd that it manifested as a telekinesis power.”

This power means he can force people and objects away from each other, helped by a digital distance meter in his eyes.

While MAWA Man, complete with an anti-Liverpool costume and a trident belt, promises to be an important part of Singapore’s efforts to fight the virus, he does have one weakness: he can’t stop Manchester United fans from gathering as he will be compelled to join nfl jerseys china nike

Singapore has seen a recent spike in infections with over 1,000 new cases reported on Sunday –a daily record — taking the country’s total to just over 8,000.