Manchester City’s Fernandinho coached by daughter, 3, in coronavirus lockdown

“[I miss] the training sessions, the relationships with teammates and staff, the time before training you are talking with the physios, sometimes the kitchen after breakfast and even on the pitch before training starts — everything,” Fernandinho said.

“We live in different ways, so now we are just isolated far from everyone. You make some phone and video calls, but it is not the same. It is hard, to be honest.”nfl cheap jerseys nike

The midfielder hasn’t played a competitive game since City’s derby defeat to Manchester United on March 8.

However, he could be returning to training at the City Football Academy next month, and he has had help at home to keep himself sharp.6

“My daughter helped me in the first few days and now my son also helps me,” Fernandinho nfl jerseys china nike

“It is the best way to work and to keep happy. She is 3 years old and my son is 10 years old.

“Before the lockdown in the UK I asked for permission to travel to Brazil to spend this difficult time with my family. The club allowed me to come, and I am here in the northeast of Brazil. We took a house over here with some space for the kids as well and we are here spending this time here. It is really nice.

“Now we are spending more time with the kids, my wife, close friends and family, and it is a different situation. Most of the time you are away, and you have to travel, sometimes you just sleep at home two or three days a week because most of the time you are away.

“So now we spend seven days a week at home and you discover a new life. I am enjoying that time.”