Seven big questions heading into NBA’s crazy free agency

• Boston potentially devoting most of its cap space to Walker would mark an intriguing rebound after the season from hell. It would leave Boston with precisely zero proven frontcourt players and limited means to get them. (Boston can in theory stay over the cap and maintain its full midlevel exception — worth about $9 million — but the pathways there are complex.)

• The Lakers’ contorting their way into nearly max-level cap space could impact any star free agent — including Walker. If the Lakers are hellbent on using all of their room on one player — and it’s debatable whether that is their best strategy if said player isn’t Leonard — they should at least glance at Walker. LeBron James needs another high-volume creator to soak up some ballhandling duty.

• Speaking of which: The league has projected the cap at $109 million, but several team executives think that could go up by about $500,000 once all the numbers are in — a bump that would get the Lakers that much closer to legit max cap nike nfl jerseys wholesale

• If Boston inks Walker, it will be interesting to see how Brad Stevens uses him. Walker ran about 56 pick-and-rolls per 100 possessions in Charlotte, according to Second Spectrum. Irving averaged about 36, and everyone whined about him hogging Boston’s offense. How useful is Walker in a more democratic system?4

Walker should thrive screaming off handoffs the way Isaiah Thomas did. Charlotte nudged him into some off-ball action, and Walker is a capable gunner popping off screens. But his height is more of a limiting factor in those actions than when he has the ball.

I liked the idea of Boston throwing a big offer sheet at Malcolm Brogdon, and handing more off-the-bounce duty to Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Gordon Hayward. It’s time to see what those dudes can do. Boston could have used the leftover space — probably around $13 million — and the $4.8 million room exception to fill the front nfl jerseys china nike

But Walker is really good. Chasing a restricted free agent — Brogdon — is a high-risk, low-reward game. Boston is going to play Brown, Tatum, and Hayward together a lot, meaning one of them will function as power forward. Depending on how free agency unfolds in Boston and elsewhere, this version of the Celtics has a chance to compete for the No. 4 seed in the East.

• If Boston signs Walker, Brogdon loses a suitor. The Bucks are bracing for a monster Brogdon offer sheet. They have a walkaway number somewhere, sources say. If Brogdon’s 2019-20 salary reaches $20 million or more, it becomes very hard for the Bucks to retain Brogdon, Brook Lopez, and Khris Middleton, and stay below the luxury tax — even if they dump Ersan Ilyasova or use the stretch provision to waive Jon Leuer.

It’s unclear where such an offer might come from, though there are a few candidates: Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Indiana, and perhaps a couple of others. Some of those teams are worried about Brogdon reinjuring his foot, sources say.