Why Chase Young is the NFL draft’s most dominant defender

As Chase Young prepares for the NFL draft, there’s one thing opposing Big Ten players and coaches can agree on: They will not miss him.

Last season at Ohio State, Young missed two games and still finished with 16.5 sacks, six forced fumbles, 58 quarterback pressures and even a bit of Heisman buzz.nfl nike jersey cheap

When searching for comparisons, the names Myles Garrett and Shawne Merriman come up, but one coach had to go beyond the football field — beyond the human species, in fact — to find an apt analogy.7

“Gosh, everything we try to do, he seems to defeat us,” Indiana coach Tom Allen said. “It’s like in an action movie. You have a plan to take care of this thing you can’t destroy, you think you have him, and then, boom, he comes right through the flames.”

To get a sense of exactly what it was like to prepare to play Young and then to have to line up in front of him, we spoke to coaches and players who had to do just that during the 2019 season. They provide the clearest explanation yet of exactly what the NFL should expect.cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale

Allen: He was so well proportioned physically. He kind of reminded me in that regard of Shawne Merriman. When you see him, that’s the only other guy I’ve seen in person that looked like that. He has that freaky … if you take that 6-2, perfect-build linebacker and you just stretch that out to 6-foot-6, that’s what he looked like. There aren’t many out there; there really aren’t.

Cincinnati OL Chris Ferguson: When I first saw him, he’s a big dude. Film doesn’t really do it. He’s a big dude in person. Playing against him, he’s quick-twitch.

Former Indiana offensive coordinator Kalen DeBoer: You could just tell he was physically blessed. He’s dominant because he’s worked hard on making himself a better football player, but 6-6 and 260, 270, that type of stature, complemented by the speed off the edge, is just so impressive.